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November 14, 2012
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BISHOP-1A7 MBT by MrJumpManV4 BISHOP-1A7 MBT by MrJumpManV4
Here's my latest work! this one is more of an update than a new work, but i like to consider it a new work since the whole thing is revamped so much (this is the previous APOSTLE tank [link]). If you need any explanations or you think you found something that is incorrect/misspelled please comment!

This is part of the description found on the top right corner of the image.
The Bishop-1A7 MBT is an unconventional design featuring an amalgam of the world’s best 3rd generation MBTs. It is the first tank to be succesfully constructed by two nations (Germany and Israel) supported by the multinational corporation NINECORP. However, Israel and Germany both use the Bishop as their own MBT it is also sold to a variety of countries who use it as their primary MBT. The Bishop has tackled more challenges than any tank before it; it does this by using innovative technology as well as technology taken from older tanks such as the Abrams models, the Leopard 2 models, the Merkava models, and the Challenger 2.
The technolgy adapted from the Abrams models is having heavy DU armor and a high power yet quiet engine. One of the incredible abilities the Abrams models have is not only the extremely tough DU armor but also the capability to move silently and quickly with its psuedo-jet engine. However the Bishop uses a conventional (i.e. very load) V16 engine the designers realized the importance of having this advantage and implemented sound muffling technology inside the engine compartment. The DU armor is not layered inside the frontal plating like it is in the abrams it is instead homogeneously alloyed with Rh (Rhenium) and used as the first line of defense on the armor.
Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles the designers overcame is the resistance from IEDs which borrows the design from the leopard 2 tank and various MRAP vehicles. The Bishop is able to divert the energy across the lower surface of the tank, using a similar method that the Leopard 2 does. The hydropnuematic suspension system is also borrowed from the Leopard 2 tank and the Bishop owes its offroad speed capability to that system.
The Bishop, like the Merkava uses a front engine design in addition to the rear hatch. Though the crew survivability is mostly preserved by the advanced armor (see Specifications for detail on the armor) and the V shape under the body to reduce damage from IEDs. The rear hatch allows for quick deployment of soldiers as well as a quick and easy entrance for potentially injured soldiers. However unlike the Merkava the rear hatch on the Bishop offers cover to supporting soldiers on the outside of the tank.
The only technology borrowed from the Challenger 2 tank is the rifled barrel which increases overall accuracy. The Bishop also uses a triple shot autoloader similar to the French Leclerc and Russian MBTs (see figure 4A, note the Russian tanks and the Leclerc use
a larger magazine system and do not need a loader to change out the magazine).

to get a reference for the size, it's approximately twice the volume of a merkava MBT.
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"and so for my presentation for shark tank i give to you an anti-army weapon"
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